Screenprinting in a process in which you use a light sensitive solution to create a stencil on a nylon mesh. The ink is then spread on the canvas with a blade, passing through the open areas of the mesh (the solution exposed to the light hardens, blocking the surrounding area). It’s a messy job but very rewarding. Since it is a DIY thing and I am very prone to impreciseness, mistakes are to be expected…. Yet, they often result in curious pieces.

These are Les Inconnus #11 portrait made throught screenprinting on paper with one and two colors. I aimed for each print to be different, by changing the number of ink strokes or the position of the paper.

Pink Lamia ( A5 aprox.) Screenprint in 2 colors.

I’ve also used this technique for my tote bags and t-shirts. All of those are printed by me.

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